Chemistry Games that put Atoms First!

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Support for Specialty Games

Instructional videos of some of the first prototypes of the games. There are a handful of these specialty prototype games available. Contact julie @ for details.

Here is Escape with your Elements:

Here is the introductory activity, Mendeleev's Mindgame.


There are two versions of the Atom Acres instructional video - one for older and one for younger audiences. The first video is for grades seven and up.

Here is an explanation of the colors and shapes in the Atom Acres game:

Here is a version of the instructions for Atom Acres for a younger audience. At five or six, she already loves chemistry!


Element Passport Generator - moving on to neutrons, atomic mass, and isotopes

The original version of the games used metal tins with a game of chance inside for each of the first ten elements, which you played to determine the isotope.



How to play
Atom Capture


What age and skill level works best with Atom Capture?

Atom Capture was designed for a wide range of ages and skill levels. The designer has had children younger than eight play with the help of their parents and come away with some of the basic ideas. The colors and symbolism go very deep, and so this same game can be played and appreciated by those first learning about the atom in school, as well. These players are usually 12 and up. However, it makes a great simple math game for ages in between.

You Bet Your Isotope

Play games of chance to determine how many neutrons your neon will have. Wager your neutrons to win more protons and electsons.