Chemistry Games that put Atoms First!

Box Set contains 32 page color manual, full color poster on the Baking Soda and Vinegar Volcano, and a sturdy cardboard box.


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How to play Electronimoes

There are eight games SO FAR designed around the Electronimoes cards

This video shows you how to play the first, introductory, game designed for these cards. While you do not need to know what an atom is to play with the cards, it is much more fun with a little background information. If you at least watch the videos about what an atom is on the Atom Capture page, you will notice that each card has the name of an element on it and the proton number of this element (the number of protons and electrons this element has) used for keeping score when playing the games.


What do the colors mean?

You can see from watching the video that it is not the colors you use to bond the cards together, but the lines around the bonds - white, double white, triple white, etc. So, what do the colors mean and what are they for? Other games in the full color manual look at the colors. Take a look at the cards in pairs below. Each card has been paired with the element below it in the periodic table, ready to bond to the same number of atoms.

You will do this when you play Mendeleev's Mindgame, and then you will have a set of cards you can play Concentration or Odd Hydrogen (a version of Old Maid) with. There are already new games that are not in the manual which will be posted here and in the Teacher's Guide.

As you play the games, all will be revealed about the colors in the cards and games. The Teacher's Guide and the manuals tell you everything if you get curious.